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Experience The Exquisite Taste Of The Ocean With Our Premium Quality Live Mud Crab Sourced Directly From The Pristine Waters Of Bangladesh. Known For Their Succulent Meat And Delightful Flavor, These Live Mud Crabs Are A Delicacy That Will Tantalize Your Taste Buds And Elevate Your Culinary Creations.



Live Freshness: Our Live Mud Crabs Are Caught Fresh From The Natural Habitats Of Bangladesh’s Coastal Regions, Ensuring You Receive The Highest Quality And Freshest Product Possible.

Flavorful Meat: Known For Their Tender And Sweet Meat, Mud Crabs Are Highly Sought After By Seafood Enthusiasts And Professional Chefs Alike.

Health Benefits: Rich In Essential Nutrients, Eel Fish Is Not Only Delicious But Also A Nutritious Addition To Your Diet.

Sustainable Sourcing: We Are Committed To Responsible Fishing Practices, Ensuring That Our Seafood Is Sourced In An Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable Manner.

Crab Specifications
Trade Name :
Frozen Procedure :
Scientific Name :
Source :
Wild Caught, Sea Frozen


Species: Mud Crab (Scylla Spp.)
Origin: Coastal Waters Of Bangladesh.
Size Range: Male Crab XXL = 450 Gm Up, Xl =3 50/450 Gm, L = 250/350 Gm, M =1 50/250 Gm Sm = 90/150 Gm Female Crab Ff1 = 180 Gm Up, F1 = 150/180 Gm, F2 = 120/150 Gm, F3 = 80/120 Gm
Transportation: These Live Mud Crabs Are Packaged To Withstand Transportation For Flight Times Of 6-8 Hours, Allowing You To Enjoy Their
Freshness No Matter Where You Are Located. Wherever You Are.
Preparation And Culinary Delights: Whether You’re A Seasoned Chef Or A Seafood Enthusiast, Preparing Live Mud Crabs Is A Rewarding Experience. From Classic Crab Dishes To Innovative Culinary Creations, These Crabs Can Be Used In A Variety Of Recipes. Their Succulent Meat Is Perfect For Grilling, Steaming, Boiling, Or Incorporating Into Rich Crab-Based Soups And Stews.

The Packaging Includes:

Packaging: Each Live Mud Crab Is Carefully Packaged In A Sturdy
Plastic Box, With An Average Weight Of 17-18 Kg Per Box.
Packaging Details:
 Each Box Of Our Live Mud Crabs Is Thoughtfully Packed To Ensure The Utmost Freshness And Quality Upon Arrival. 
Sturdy Plastic Box: Each Box Is Designed To Securely Hold The Live Mud Crabs During Transportation.
Weight Label: 
The Weight Of Each Box, Containing 17-18 Kg Of Live Mud Crabs, Is Clearly Indicated On The Label.
Temperature Control: 
The Packaging Is Designed To Maintain A Suitable Temperature To Preserve The Crabs’ Freshness And Vitality. Indulge In The Delectable Taste Of Live Mud Crabs From Bangladesh And Elevate Your Culinary Creations To A New Level Of Excellence. With Our Commitment To Quality, Sustainability, And Freshness, You Can Trust That Each Crab Delivered To Your Doorstep Will Be A Testament To The Richness Of The Ocean’s Bounty.

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