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Fresh Chinese Pomfret, Also Known As Chines Is Considered By Many As The Better Class Of Pomfret. Compared To White Pomfret, Chinese Pomfret Is More Firm. Chinese Pomfret Is Well Loved By Hong Kongers For Hong Kong Steam.

Chinese Pomfret Specifications
Trade Name : Chinese Pomfret
French : Castagnole
Frozen Procedure : IQF, Semi IQF
Minimum Order : 9MT/One 20ft Container
Spanish : Pampano
Packing Details : Boat Frozen/Land Frozen Bulk 10-23kg
Peak Season : Aug To Mar
Supply Ability : 700 MT/Year
Fillet Size : 30g To 200gm Up
Max Size : 250mm
Payment Terms : LC Or TT (For TT At Least 30% Advance)
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