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Silver Pomfrets Are Usually Silver/White In Color, With Few Small Scales. They Can Grow Up To A Range Of 4–6 Kg (8–13 Lb). However, Due To Overfishing, Specimens Weighing Less Than 1 Kg (2 Lb) Are More Commonly Seen.

Silver / White Pomfret Specifications
Trade Name : Silver / White Pomfret
French : Castagnole
Frozen Procedure : IQF, Semi IQF
Minimum Order : 9MT/One 20ft Container
Spanish : Pampano
Packing Details : Boat Frozen/Land Frozen Bulk 10-23kg
Peak Season : Aug To Mar
Supply Ability : 700 MT/Year
Fillet Size : 30g To 200gm Up
Max Size : 250mm
Payment Terms : LC Or TT (For TT At Least 30% Advance)
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