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Penaeus Monodon, Commonly Known As The Giant Tiger Prawn, Asian Tiger ShrimpBlack Tiger ShrimpAnd Other Names, Is A Marine Crustacean That Is Widely Reared For Food.

Black Tiger Shimp Specifications
Trade Name : Black Tiger Shrimp
French : Crevette
Frozen Procedure : Block Frozen, IQF, Semi-IQF
Minimum Order : 9MT/One 20ft Container
Spanish : Camarón
Packing Details : 6x4Lb,6x2Kg,6×1.8Kg, 10x1Kg, Net Weightnet Count, Net Weight Frozen Count With Of Glazingor As Per Buyer’s Choice.
Peak Season : Mar To Nov
Supply Ability : 1500 MT/Year
Fillet Size : 6-8,8-12,13-15,16-20,21-30, 31-40to71-90pcs/Kg
Max Size : 6/8 To 71/90
Payment Terms : LC Or TT (For TT At Least 30% Advance)
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