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White Shrimp (As Know As White Leg Shrimp, Litopenaeus Vannamei, Penaeus Vannamei) Are The Most Common Farm‐Based Shrimp Species Cultured In Vietnam, One Of The Top Five White Leg Shrimp Producing Nations After China Thailand Ecuador, And Indonesia.

White Shimp Specifications
Trade Name : White Shrimp
French : Crevette
Frozen Procedure : Block Frozen, IQF, Semi-IQF
Minimum Order : 9MT/One 20ft Container
Spanish : Camarón
Packing Details : 6x4Lb,6x2Kg,6×1.8Kg, 10x1Kg, Net Weightnet Count, Net Weight Frozen Count With Of Glazingor As Per Buyer’s Choice.
Peak Season : Mar To Nov
Supply Ability : 1500 MT/Year
Fillet Size : 6-8,8-12,13-15,16-20,21-30, 31-40to71-90pcs/Kg
Max Size : 6/8 To 71/90
Payment Terms : LC Or TT (For TT At Least 30% Advance)
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